I want to show you guys two examples of how you have you know school like Harvard Business School nowhere in there sa question do they say tell me about your leadership accomplishments right so as you see the questions from this past cycle they asked as we review your application what more would you like on signal as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School and being a program right so what more tell us something else you know what should be considered very open-ended and I’ve seen applicants you know handle this really a variety of ways some people have done it unsuccessfully where they just sort of you know restate information that admissions people can see in different parts of the application.

This is an essay that is asking us you know asking applicants to understand to tell the story of your life you know tell us about who you are and somewhere in that story make sure you tell us about who you are as a leader because we that’s part of what we care about without you necessarily saying let me tell you about Who I am as a leader you know so we had a client for example let’s call him John who was reapplying to Harvard Business School and one of the things that John did successfully this time around was he talked about his family background like who his family was and where they came from and the roots and like the incredible diversity in terms of just diversity of different levels not just in the traditional sense and how it really helped to shape who he is as a person and how that really propelled him to start an organization to bring students together on his um university at his university and what you know how Val created value and what he learned and what he enjoyed about that experience that was his his Harvard essay and nothing was different he didn’t retake his GMAT he didn’t you know his GPA didn’t change his work story didn’t change fundamentally.

But guess what the branding and the emphasis changed right and he was able to pull out elements that really showcases you know his international mindset his collaborative you know um just celebration of diverse points of view and things like that you know and that’s what made him you know to come across in a very authentic a genuine way and he was able to apply in he applied a year ago you know and he applied to four schools I believe they were Harvard Stanford Wharton and MIT and then this time around he applied to the same exact schools which is quite risky in my opinion but you know he does what he wanted to do and he didn’t get into Stanford when he got into MIT Wharton and Harvard you know and so again I just wanna you know encourage you guys to when you have these open-ended questions.

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