I was super excited about Mockingjay, hoping it would be just as crazy as the previous two installments of the Hunger Games series. I can’t say that I was unhappy with the third book, but I was a little disappointed.

Mockingjay is by far the darkest book of the Hunger Games. It’s borderline depressing, because Katniss goes through some serious psychological trauma. That alone made it difficult for her to be the heroine we expect her to be.

The book didn’t disappoint on the action front, but it was lacking the intrigue that the arenas had. I missed trying to figure out how the tributes would escape the various traps and obstacles the arenas provided. Mockingjay brings the arena into the real world, but it’s nowhere near as exciting as the clockwork arena or the first arena because, yeah, it’s reality.

And the romance? Yeesh. I don’t want to be spoilery, but I was really disappointed in how the whole “choice” resolution was executed.

I enjoyed reading every bit of Mockingjay, but I didn’t find it as fun as the previous two volumes. And the ending? Yeah, it’s pretty sob-worthy. 🙁

Mistwood by Leah Cypess

Mistwood is an incredibly engaging YA fantasy. I read it in a day! I had so much trouble putting it down. Then again, I’m a sucker for fantasy. I love me some far-away kingdoms and political intrigue. Thankfully, Mistwood had both, plus the paranormal element of shape-shifting!

An awesome thing about Mistwood is that it had an entirely new take on shape-shifters. No werewolves here! Just a being whose only purpose is to protect and to serve—and take whatever form best completes that job. The Shifter, Isabelle, was a very intriguing character. I loved watching her go from utterly confused to finally understanding; from a blank slate to a fully characterized girl. And she was so stinking badass!

The plot was great as well— because Isabelle had very little memories, her past was a puzzle waiting to be solved. There were also so many twists thrown in there…I honestly couldn’t guess some of those!
Overall, I LOVED Mistwood. Yep, I said it!
Have any of you read it, guys? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!  I’d gladly discuss this book with you personally. At the moment I am thinking about what to read next, do you have any ideas?

Like this book, so check this one as well Matched by Ally Condie. 



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