Let’s just look at it I’ve got my opening sentence here and then I’m going to give my reason here then I’m going to give my example and then I’m going to conclude so let me read this to you despite the inevitability of human labor replacement some people don’t think that computers will ever reach certain levels of intellect and consciousness to rival humans in some jobs reason these people are unaware of the rate at which computers are becoming intelligent example it is just a matter of time before computers can program themselves concluding sentence even the most complex human jobs such as medicine in education will be mechanized it’s the exact same structure as paragraph 1 but what i’ve done here is i’ve i’ve mentioned side 2 some people believe that some jobs will be safe from robots.

Now I want to conclude this paragraph as a result of this exponential growth there is no reason why computers won’t eventually replace humans in all jobs you can see that this first sentence links to the next sentence links to the sorry first sentence links to the reason which links to the example which links essay help nz to the concluding sentence and you can see that this concluding sentence links back to that first sentence so what we’re doing is we’re creating a big spiral of logic logical spiral that goes around and around and around that I can tell you that the Pte algorithm the computer of the PT loves these cycles these logical cycles because that’s how it knows that your written discourse is high because it sees that that first sentence leads the 2nd to the 3rd to the 4th and it sees that that fourth one links back to the first one when I say II to languages crack the code on the PT I mean it.

Right good so whoops let me go back my paragraph one looks like this at some point in the near future artificial intelligence will supersede human intelligence and outperform us on every possible task machines are becoming increasingly intelligent at an extremely rapid pace every few years for example computer capacity doubles in power as a result of this exponential growth there is no reason why computers won’t eventually replace humans in all jobs and you can see that this is absolutely linked to the question prompt from the beginning.

I am NOT riding off topic I’m sticking to the topic tick-tick-tick we got 10 minutes left it took me Phenix to write that paragraph now I’m going to write paragraph two and what I do is I use the exact same structure as paragraph 1 except the only difference is I’m going to restate side to that some people believe that some jobs that robots will be incapable of doing some jobs give a reason give an example and I conclude side to let me show you what the whole thing looks like here my paragraph – so before I do that.


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Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear (Aether Chronicles)

Publisher: Flux

Release date: August 8, 2012

Pages: 406

Summary: Noli fixed up an old flying car and took it for a joy ride with her best friend, V. Unfortunately, they are pulled over, and Noli’s punishment is to attend reform school in San Francisco. The school is absolutely terrible, complete with an evil headmistress. Noli will do anything to get away—even take a faery huntsman up on an offer that may cost her life.

I decided to write my essay about this fabulous book: Though Innocent Darkness is set in a steampunk alternate history, I felt that Suzanne Lazear’s voice was a bit too anachronistic. I found myself forgetting that Noli was supposed to come from the early 1900’s because of Lazear’s writing style. Innocent Darkness could easily be set in the present, and it gives that illusion until a word like dollymop pops up, or someone mentions corsets. If a story is to be set in a historical period, it should give that feeling all the way through, not just at sporadic moments. The steampunk background seemed more gimmicky than helpful to the story to me, so I was disappointed with its execution.

That being said, Suzanne Lazear’s voice is a very readable one, and because of that Innocent Darkness is easy to pick up and read for hours. Readers looking for a quick, fun book will enjoy Innocent Darkness. Noli is a spunky protagonist who is just too much fun to follow around. Skilled at troublemaking, Noli will delight fans of girls who break barriers with pride.

Innocent Darkness also features a love triangle, and luckily it’s one that doesn’t totally involve two guys going caveman and fighting over one lucky gal. Both love interests have their merits—one certainly more than the other—but they don’t push Noli too hard to be theirs. The choice is ultimately Noli’s, which is the way it should be.

If adventures in faeryland are your thing, check out Innocent Darkness. The mythology might not be fresh, but the story is fun and exciting enough to keep you hooked.
Have any of you read it, guys? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!  I’d gladly discuss this book with you personally.

At the moment I am thinking about what to read next, do you have any ideas, guys?
3/5 stars

For those who like: faeries, love triangles

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