Publisher: Penguin Teen

Release Date: October 2010

Pages: 454

Nightshade is a completely engrossing novel that has enough action—and romance—to keep your heart pounding for hours after you put it down.

I really, really enjoyed Nightshade— so much, in fact, that I made myself read the book slowly so that I could savor every bit (a difficult task!). And let me tell you, Nightshade is quite savory. With a love triangle that doesn’t make the decision easy (for either Calla or the reader), Nightshade is totally swoon-worthy. There are cute moments, steamy moments, and tug-of-war moments abound. You’ve got Ren, the alpha boy Calla has to love, and Shay, the adorable, puppy-like boy who Calla might just love. I suppose if I have to state my preference, I’d pick Shay, since he’s not as pushy as Ren and he’s much sweeter (but, you know, Ren’s fine, too).

Many of the scenes in Nightshade went a little like this:

SHAY: Can I take your clothes off? *puppy eyes*

REN: Forget asking, I WILL take your clothes off!

CALLA: (halfheartedly) Nooo… I’m not allowed to participate in anything like that until I get married!

Though Nightshade focused heavily on romance, Andrea Cremer did one heck of a job building a world for Calla and the other Guardians to live in. The history of the Nightshades and Banes was absolutely fascinating—it mixed fairy-tale and werewolf lore with a dark twist— and the pack dynamic was great. I felt like I was a part of the book myself, taking in all the scenery and characters.

Nightshade ends on a cliffhanger, which is completely unfair and awful, but it only spurred my excitement for book two! I can’t wait! (No, really, Andrea Cremer, lock your doors!)

I would definitely recommend Nightshade to any teen, especially to those who are reluctant readers. Nightshade is completely addictive, and it has the chops to make almost any reader fall in love with it.
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5/5 Stars


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